sundaymorning - Fabio Candido - Conclusus - A photographic study on Junta de Castilla y Leòn Headquarters, architect Alberto Campo Baeza


Zamora, 2013

A photographic study about Junta de Castilla y Leòn Headquarters, architect Alberto Campo Baeza

sundaymorning - Parco delle Sughere (Cork Oaks Tree Park)

Regeneration of Parco delle Sughere (Cork Oaks Park)

Donoratico, Tuscany, 2014

The work aims to give new structures and meanings to a place symbolic for the community. This is the occasion to start a brand new renovation of a large part of the territory.

sundaymorning - Kakuzo tea table

Kakuzo tea table

Made by Purewood, 2014

Kakuzo is a tea table completely made of wood. As an homage to the tea culture, it is dedicated to Kakuzo Okakura, historical popularizer of Japanese culture.

sundaymorning - House for Ashley & John

House in Pezzolo Valle Uzzone (House for Ashley & John)

Pezzolo Valle Uzzone, 2013

Renovation of rural residence in a small village in Piedmont as an exercise of meditation on the relationship between context, vernacular way of living and contemporary architectonical practice.

sundaymorning - Me and M(i)e(s)

Me and M(i)e(s)

Berlin, 2013

Around the Neue Nationalgalerie.

sundaymorning - Apartament in Pisa

Apartment in Pisa

Pisa, 2013

Renovation of an urban dwelling built in the Sixties. The work is focused on the redesign of the living system trough the transformation of the architectonical space, following a meditation on negative space.

sundaymorning - House in a pine wood

House in a pine wood

Marina di Castagneto Carducci, 2008–2011
with Massimo Fiorido Associati

This project was created by the occasion of renovating a poorly built summer residence from the mid-sixties, surrounded by pine wood and dunes. The limited range of materials gives continuity to the horizontal planes inside and outside and helps to integrate the building into the landscape.

sundaymorning - Renovation in Palù

Renovation of public spaces in Palù

Competition, 2012

Urbanistic renovation of piazza San Giorgio. The proposal wants to reconnect the urban landscape by a unified space that can be lived according to multiple uses, in opposition to the fragmented space that currently characterizes the square.

sundaymorning - House in Marina di Castagneto Carducci

House in Marina di Castagneto Carducci

Marina di Castagneto Carducci, 2012

Renovation of a private dwelling built in the Sixties.

sundaymorning - Market in Forte dei Marmi

Market in Forte dei Marmi

Competition, 2012
with Massimo Fiorido Associati

Urban and environmental renovation of Market in Forte dei Marmi. The project stems from a double reflection: on the meaning of such a typological structure and meaning that it takes place in the context of this seaside resort.


  • Sundaymorning is focused on architectural and urban design, crossing multiple levels of discipline and providing consulting services to construction industry enterprises.
    Every design work for sundaymorning starts from a deep unterstanding of the context, with the application of analysis’ methods related to the structure of the landscape and of the city. Acquiring awareness of the complexity of the problems inherited to the urban and territorial design is the key to discover the identity of a place as a fundamental contribution to a sustainable development, following not only an ecological approach, but physical, cultural, historical as well.

  • Through an integrated approach to the design process, Sundaymorning can develop the project in all its stages — from conceptuals to the executive phases — to achieve high quality standards.

  • Sundaymorning has specific knowledge and experience in design of temporary and exhibition spaces, both in retail and cultural environments.

    Sundaymorning works on graphic and web design, covering the development of product communication and corporate identity in all its forms.

  • Sundaymorning works on design and consultancy in the disciplines of structural engineering and sustainability.


Fabio Candido & Marco Sarri

marco sarri

Graduated as an Architectural Engineer from the University of Pisa. Since 2005 he collaborated in Paolo Bozzi's design office, focused on architectonical and urban design. In 2010 he is founder of design office Emmequadro. Since 2011 he is Lecturer at University of Pisa in Architettura e Composizione Architettonica 2. He is also expert in architectonical and environmental acoustics.
twitter @MS_at_SM

fabio candido

Graduated as an Architect and Architectural Engineer from the University of Pisa. He works on architectonical and urban design, on information and graphic design. He is project director since years on project for sustainable development in Italy and Near East. Since 2007 he is Lecturer at University of Pisa and Senior Lecturer in Architettura e Composizione Architettonica 2 since 2011.
twitter @FC_at_SM